Tarzana Is My Heroine

a poet considers the imaginary and reality of Tarzana

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As I go around the Valley, I often see some bit of visual poetry or installation art-in-the-wild which catches my eye.

Here are a few things I saw recently:

@ Balboa x Balboa off ramp


@ Encino Oaks shopping center


There was this evocative scene in an alley just off Ventura Blvd. near Hazeltine


And perhaps my favorite: Theophile Gaultier’s slogan “L’art pour l’art” (“Art for art’s sake”) slapped onto a sink drain at Crave Cafe in Sherman Oaks.


Is it possible it was just by chance that the bilingual pun on the word “pour” was stuck on to a drainpipe? I think not.

After a quick Google search, I’m guessing that the sticker is actually an ad for the L’art Pour L’art mixer events created by Baha Danesh.

Their slogan is “connect. collaborate. create” (Nice!) and this is their website: