Tarzana Is My Heroine

a poet considers the imaginary and reality of Tarzana

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A last jacaranda, near Ventura Blvd.

A Late Jacaranda in Encino


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the word ‘July’ (Diane Ward)

“I choose this word to indicate that, this to indicate this, I ignore the words absolution, contentment, July because they’re not in my world. These have nothing to do with a view from a window. This isn’t urban writing, though it could be. Tomorrow, in five minutes, absolution, contentment, and July may exist for me . . .”.

Diane Ward, from her essay “Being Another — Locating In the World” (A*bacus/1986)

(quoted in Jacket 2. http://jacket2.org/article/never-without)

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Tarzana Is My ‘Slackass Jeans’

[Where Zawacki says “Georgia,” read “Tarzana.”]

you’re alasless Georgia
harassless Georgia
from your slackass jeans to your Jesus Georgia ersatz and aliased
lacking alack
sans any essence or pretense of presence
you’re leeward Georgia
a bejeweled word Georgia
and fuck you anyway
vowellewd Georgia
face card missing a face Georgia
they’re dead Georgia
I said they were dead
I didn’t say they weren’t dancing
The clouds are low they will tumble down Georgia I spread my arms they get tired Georgia
to catch them Georgia

                             — from “Georgia” by Andrew Zawacki (Petals of Zero Petals of One)